Diet Problems: Limiting Your Diet Too Much

Embarking on a diet usually means eliminating certain foods – the ones you love it seems like. This can be a great thing when done correctly or it can turn into a really bad thing when taken too far.  When you tell yourself that certain foods are off-limits, do you find yourself craving those foods?  That… [Continue Reading]

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Diet Problems: Are you Cheating Yourself?

Typically, when one starts a diet the thought of cheating on it is almost natural.  “How can I cheat on this diet and still get the results that I want?” is the thought, whether admitted to or not.  Believe it or not, there are right ways to “cheat” on your diet and still achieve your… [Continue Reading]


Buffalo Chicken

Back in January 2015 I posted a healthy, easy, Buffalo Chicken recipe. It’s healthy because it’s baked not deep fried, to avoid trans fats.  This weekend I made this recipe even easier.  Instead of having to bake this for 40 minutes, this new recipe will you get you eating in 20 minutes! Using a Foreman… [Continue Reading]

Baked Buffalo Chicken

Diet Problems: Exercising Too Much

Exercise is one of the best things we can do for our bodies and ourselves but too much can do just the opposite. I’m not going to get into details in this blog; just wanting to provide you with an overview of some problems that can occur when exercising too much. Are you the type… [Continue Reading]


Diet Problems: Underestimating Calories Eaten

Last week Bob talked about over-estimating calories burned while working out.  Today’s post is about under-estimating calories eaten.  Studies have shown that most people really can’t determine how many actual calories they are eating.  It’s getting easier now with smart phone apps to track your food and restaurants putting more nutrition information on their menus and websites.  But, even… [Continue Reading]


Diet Problems: Over-Estimating Calories Burned

You can’t out-train poor nutrition. In reality, exercise is vastly overshadowed by diet in determining weight loss. The biggest and most overlooked piece when it comes to calories burned is the individual metabolism we each have. This is why it is almost impossible for a one-size-fits-all calculation when it comes to calories burned. Something to… [Continue Reading]

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Beef and Tomato Lentils

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I thought I’d post a delicious, filling main dish that’s feels like comfort food.   Let us know in the comments if you liked it!

Diet Problems: Food Intolerances

Are you so over “gluten-free”?  While gluten has gotten a lot of exposure in the last few years as a problem for more than those who suffer from celiac disease, there are other foods that you may be sensitive or intolerant to that may be inhibiting weight loss efforts.  Dairy is a likely culprit, but we believe… [Continue Reading]


Diet Problems: Chronic Stress and Exercise

When you have chronic stress or depression exercise seems to be the last thing you want to do but once you get motivated and get started exercise can make a big difference. Most of us get stressed when we think about finding the time in our busy schedules to start exercising so we tell ourselves… [Continue Reading]

This is not an endorphin.

Diet Problems: Chronic Stress and Weight Management

It’s Monday, are you stressed?  Did you get to de-stress at all on the weekend?  Did it matter now that it’s Monday?  Most of us suffer from chronic stress and when trying to lose weight or even manage your weight stress makes it difficult.  There are many reasons why. The hypothalamus tells the adrenal glands… [Continue Reading]